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07.10.2007 г. - First Birthday


We would like to share with you our great joy.

El Shaddai Church – Sofia celebrated its first birthday!


As guests attended Apostle Larry Hutto, Pastor Doug Rosier and Apostle Wayne Stotler from USA.
They are a part of the big Revival Fellowship International family.
Many pastors from Sofia and the country also were our guests.


God have rose El Shaddai Church in this time to prepare and equip workers who to be able to gather the harvest. We believe that this is the beginning of one great ministry, which has been reaching the lost and has been teaching the people who they are, what they have and what they can in Christ.


Pictures from the holyday

  • Обновени вярващи - д-р Джон Полис
  • Божията пълнота - д-р Джон Полис
  • Божията воля за теб е съвършено здраве - д-р Джон Полис
  • Първият ни албум с хваление и поклонение!
  • Стикер "Исус Христос е Господ на България!"
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